The climatic condition prevailing in the municipality is characterized by wet and dry season. Vintar belongs to Type I Climate characterized by a long dry season and wet season. Dry season occurs from the months of November to April while the wet season usually comes in the month of May and ends in October.

As revealed by Pag-ASA, Laoag City, the average annual temperature of the locality is 27°C; relative humidity is 80%; and average monthly rainfall is 161.35mms.


Vintar’s topography is relatively rugged and is generally characterized by mountains which form part of the Luzon Cordillera mountain ranges interspersed with plains, valleys and bodies of water which branches out into several tributaries and streams then finally draining into the China Sea.

There are two (2) main bodies of water found in the municipality – the Suyo-Boot River traversing Brgy. #13 Mabanbanag in Pallas Valley; and the Vintar-Bacarra River Basin (Bislak River), considered to be one of the eight (8) major River Basins in the province with Makikidor, Tagludan, Cadaclan and Tamdagan Rivers as its tributaries.