Road Network

Vintar has a total road network of 344.10 kilometers, of which 71.50 kms. are classified as Provincial roads; 9.99 kms. Municipal roads; and 262.61 kms. Barangay roads.

From this, only 18.50 kilometers are concrete-paved; 1.60 kms. are asphalt-paved; and 324.0 kms. are still earth & gravel-filled. Roads within the Poblacion area are nearly 100% concrete-paved while most road-paving works at the rural area were concentrated near or around the vicinity of public buildings, most populated Sitios/Puroks and road portions which are considered as hard-to-traverse areas.

The municipality is accessible to inter-provincial traffic with the presence of the much-utilized Vintar-Laoag Provincial Road, including the Vintar-Bacarra, Vintar-Bacsil (Laoag)-Sarrat and Vintar-Piddig Provincial Roads. Interconnected with these provincial roads are municipal and barangay roads that provide access to the different functional areas and barangays.

Construction of new farm-to-market roads, however, especially in far-flung barangays which are not accessible during rainy season are being given priorities. Such, will not only give convenience to the residents but will facilitate the transport of farm produce to market outlets.


Land transportation services in the municipality are readily available with the presence of public utility vehicles such as buses, public utility jeepneys and tricycles. Likewise, privately-owned cars, vans, mini-trucks (elf), jeepneys, motorcycles and bicycles abound in the place.

For long distance trips, particularly going to Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces, commuters can make reservations with bus companies like Maria de Leon Transportation, Fariñas Transportation and the Florida Bus Lines whose travel/departure time is between 5:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M.

To serve commuter needs on short distances, especially those going to Laoag City, a total of ninety-six (96) public utility jeepneys (PUJs) travel the Vintar-Laoag route. Half of these vehicles convey passengers via Vintar (Poblacion)-Laoag Route & vice-versa; while the other half provides transport services from Vintar (Rural Barangays)-Poblacion-Laoag City & vice-versa.

A total of three hundred nineteen (319) tricycles with duly approved franchises operate in the municipality, most of which provide transport services within the Poblacion area during daytime; while some others offer chartered trips to distant rural areas and other adjacent places such as Laoag City, especially during nighttime.