If the municipality proudly exists today, it is because of the vigilance and forthrightness of our great grandfathers.

In 1574, the Spaniards reached the area. It was in the course of their missionary work that the name of the town was coined. They observed that when the village chieftain assembled his men with the command “INTAR!” which means “order” in Iluko, the tribesmen accordingly congregated in “V”-shaped formation with clicking efficiency. This greatly impressed the Spaniards. Thereupon, wanting the occasion to be truly memorable, the Spaniards affixed the “V” being also nearest to the shape of the heart to the word INTAR. Since then, the people called the community VINTAR, more popularly taken to mean and understood as a fitting tribute to the Vintarinian’s kind-heartedness and hospitality. Vintar was annexed to Bacarra but was later separated in 1909 through the leadership and efforts of its emancipator, Don Florentino Camaquin. A lot has changed after more than a century. Today, Vintar enjoys its existence as the only first- class municipality in Ilocos Norte.